Here you will find information about conferences, both past (including photographs, published abstracts, information about participants etc) and further

Further conferences and meetings

Past conferences and meetings



Further conferences and meetings

Past conferences and meetings

26.09.2011-30.09.2011. 4th All-Russian Meeting “Jurassic System of Russia: problems of stratigraphy and paleogeography”

3.08.2010-9.08.2010 8th International Congress on the Jurassic System to be held in China, Shenong of Suining, Sichuan

21.06.2010-26.-6.2010 Workshop on Ichnotaxonomy – IV, Moscow-Saint-Petersburg, Russia

23.09.2009-27.09.2009. 3rd All-Russian Meeting “Jurassic System of Russia: problems of stratigraphy and paleogeography”

25.-30.19.2007 Second All-Russian Conference 'Jurassic System of Russia: problems of stratigraphy and paleogeography"

4-8.07.2007. 4th IGCP 506 Symposium and Berriassian WG Meeting held in Bristol, Great Britain

8-10.11.2006. All-Russian conference "Modern problems of investigations of cephalopods"

6-18.09.2006.  7th Jurassic Congress held in Krakow, Poland

26-28.04.2006 Scientific session in memory of 95-anniversary of V.N.Sachs "Paleontology, biostratigraphy and paleogeography of Boreal Mesozoic"

21-22.11.2005 First All-Russian Conference 'Jurassic System of Russia: problems of stratigraphy and paleogeography"

3.08.2010-9.08.2010 8th International Congress on the Jurassic System, China, Shenong of Suining, Sichuan


Short papers for the 8th International Congress on the Jurassic System―Marine and non-marine Jurassic // Earth Science Frontiers, 2010. Vol. 17, Special Issue, 420 pp. pdf

Participants of the conference (click for download full-size photo)


Advertisement of the Jurassic congress


Selected photos from the Jurassic congress (made by Mikhail Rogov, Aleksei Ippolitov and Elena Schepetova)

Airport in Chengdu

Opening dinner

All participants leave imprints of their hands

Nearby river

Villa building

Opening of the scientific session



Talk by J.Sha, head of the organizing committee


Talk by J. Palfy

Waiting for group photo


Scientific session

Presentation by E. Bugdaeva

Discussion near posters

Before the Welcome banquet


Cultiral performance

A little bit pandas

Dinosaurs show team

J. Ogg talking about new version of the Jurassic Time Scale

B.Shurygin and R. Enay

Talk by F. Oloriz

E. Moennig talking about Kepplerites

Geological Museum of Shehong National Geopark

Palaeontologists below and above the floor

Bronze palaeontologists found true fossil trees


Monument in honour of the Jurassic Congress

Visiting village restored after earthquake 12.05.2008

Restored school

B. Shurygin & F. OIoriz discussing infrazonal units

At the earthquake hypocenter

Friendly tibetians

Tibetian dances


No swimming!

At the beer square



Choosing place for next congress


Closing ceremony

23.09.2009-27.09.2009. 3rd All-Russian Meeting “Jurassic System of Russia: problems of stratigraphy and paleogeography”


Zakharov V.A. (resp.ed.) (2009) Jurassic System of Russia: problems of stratigraphy and paleogeography. 3rd all-Russian meeting: scientific materials. Saratov: Nauka. 284 pp. [in Russian] pdf


Zakharov V.A. Introduction

Alekseev V.P., Amon E.O. Intercontinental Jurassic clinoformes in Western Siberia: a reality or illusion?

Alifirov A.S. About position of West Siberian marine basin in the Volgian biochorems by ammonites

Amon E.O., Marinov V.A., Shurygin B.N. Middle Volgian radiolarian assemblage of Nordvik peninsula, North of the Middle Siberia

Anisimov L. Ultra-high wax oils of epihersynian Platforms of Russia: the role of Jurassic paleogeography

Beisel A.L. A comparative geostratigraphy of Western and Eastern Siberia, Turan Plate, and Northern Caucasus

Braduchan Yu.V., Komissarenko V.K., Shatova L.A Lower and Middle Jurassic of Yamal peninsula Vakulenko L.G. Characteristics of Lower Jurassic deposits in the central part of the Western-Siberian plate by results of deep-well drilling

Wierzbowski H., Rogov M.A. Oxygen and carbon isotope records of belemnite rostra from the Middle-Upper Jurassic boundary at Dubki (Saratov Volga area, Russia): preliminary results

Vetoshkina O.S., Lyurov S.V. Isotope composition of carbon and oxygen from Oxfordian fossils and rock samples of Pechorskaya Pizhma river

Vishnevskaya V.S. Possible biomarkers of abiotic events in Paleo-Arctic in the Late Jurassic (based on Radiolaria)

Vishnevskaya V.S., Filatova N.I. Jurassic cold- and warm-water Radiolaria, Buchias and ammonites in tectonostratigraphic sequences of Semiglawaya Mountain (62. N)

Vuks V.Ja. Problems of the stratigraphy of the Upper Jurassic of Caucasus

Goldyrev V.V., Bryukhov V.N. Gold mineralization of Middle Jurassic deposits of the Verhnekamsky depression

Goncharenko O.P., Astarkin S.V., Manikin A.G., Ahlestina E.F. Terrigenous-mineral associations of the Upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous border beds of south-east part of Russian plate

Goryacheva A.A. Palynostratigraphy of lower and middle Jurassic deposits in section of the Well Vostok-4 (south-east of West Siberia)

Grinenko V.S., Knyazev V.G., Devjatov V.P., Shurygin B.N., Nikitenko B.L. Paleogeography of the East Siberian sedimentary basin at the end of Late Triassic and Jurassic

Dzyuba O.S. Taxonomic composition of belemnites in the Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary beds of Subpolar Ural

Dorotyak Yu.B. Peculiarities of changes of the foraminiferal assemblages at the Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary of the Mountain Crimea (river Tonas basin)

Efimov V.M. On the Ichthyosaurian Genus Jasykovia

Efimov D.V. The Ichthyosaurian genus Ophthalmosaurus from Russia

Zhabin A.V. New treatment of flysh genesis (on example of Lower Jurassic deposits of Belaya river valley (Adygeya)

Zakharov V.A. The progress in Jurassic research: Russia and worldwide

Zakharov V.A., Shurygin B.N. Eastern Arctic during Jurassic: estimation of paleogeographic and paleoclimatic reconstructions by methods of paleobiogeography

Zvonarev A.E., Pilugin S.M., Zhabin À.V. Beresites like metasomatic rocks of Eskiorda Group basin of the Bodrak river valley (Mountain Crimea)

Kazanenkov V.A., Ryzhkova S.V. Substantiation of identification in the Lower Jurassic by non-paleontological methods in the central and southern regions of West Siberia

Karimova L.A. Foraminifera assemblages of the Middle-Upper Callovian deposits (the Sloboda horizon) of the Pripyat centrocline

Karogodin Yu.N. The essence and importance of system-stratigraphic paradigm by the example of the Upper Jurassic open-cast of Western Siberia

Karogodin Yu.N. Major refinements and additions to the scheme Jurassic of Western Siberia (from the standpoint of system-litmological approach)

Karogodin Yu.N., Klimov S.V., Khramov M.F. Regional system-strata of the Callovian-Upper Jurassic section of Western Siberia (system-lithmologic approach)

Kasumzadeh A.A. Jurassic Pectinoida (Bivalvia) of the Lesser Caucasus: space-times distribution aspects

Katkova V. I., Lyurov S.V. Structural organization of pyrite in a fragment of the limb of plesiosaur

Kiselev D.N. To the question about possibility for foundation of Cadoceras elatmae zone in the Callovian of Northern Siberia

Kislukhin V.I., Kislukhin I.V., Brekhuntsova E.A. Stratigraphy of the Upper Jurassic in northeast parts of Western Siberia

Klimov S.V., Khramov M.F. System-litmostratigraphical correlation of Callovian-Upper Jurassic deposits of north-east of Western Siberia

Knyazev V.G., Kutygin R.V., Meledina S.V. Northern Siberia’s Lower Callovian zonation

Kontorovich A.E., Dzyuba O.S., Kostyreva E.A., Melenevskiy V.N. Geochemistry of biomarker hydrocarbons of Middle Volgian deposits of the Uljanovsk Volga area in connection with the environments of organic matter accumulation

Krapiventseva V.V., Kirillova G.L., Pugacheva N.G. Jurassic megasequence of the eastern flank of the Bureya sedimentary basin: sedimentary systems, cyclicity, paleogeography

Kudamanov A.I., Skachek K.G. Some peculiarities of the Vasyugan formation in the central part of the West Siberian plate

Kurazhkovskii A.Yu., Kurazhkovskaya N.A., Klain B.I. Relation of inversion frequency behaviour of a geomagnetic field with activation of basalt magmatism in the Jurassic period

Lavrenko N.S., Valyaeva O.V. Application of biomarkers for the subdivision of Mesozoic oil shale member (based on the example of the section of the river Ayuva, Pechora River basin)

Lunev B.S., Naumov V.A., Goldyrev V.V., Bryukhov V.N. Fine valuable minerals in Middle Jurassic deposits of the Verhnekamsky depression

Lutikov O.A. Biostratigraphy of Rathian and Sinemiurian deposits of Nordvik region (northern Siberia) by Bivalvia

Lutikov O.A., Sobolev E.S., Sobolev N.N. Stratigraphy of Upper Triassic and Lower Jurassic boundary deposits of Nordvik Region (northern Siberia)

Lutikov O.A., Temkin I.E., Shurygin B.N. The evolution of ontogenesis and a phylogeny of some members of family Oxytomidae Ichikawa, 1958 (Mollusca: Bivalvia)

Maleonkina S.Yu. Jurassic stromatolites of the East-Europian Platform: new discoveries, morphology and environment

Maleonkina S.Yu., Shkolin A.A. New data on the Callovian and Oxfordian deposits in Moscow

Mantsurova V.N., Zdobnova E.N., Bublikova L.V. Stratigraphy of Jurassic deposits in the North Caspian Sea

Masaitis V.L., Naumov M.V., Maschac M.S., Slastenov J. L. New data on Jurassic stratigraphy of Kavernino depression

Matveev A.V. Calcareous nannoplankton of oxfordian of Ioda river section (Jaroslavl region)

Makhnach V.V. Jurassic ammonites in collection of the museum of Earth science of the Belarussian State University

Mitta V.V., Seltzer V.B. The Bajocian-Bathonian boundary beds near Saratov: new data

Muher A.G., Myasnikova G.P., Devyatov V.P. Jurassic typical sections as a base of stratigraphy, regional correlation and bed indexation of West Siberia Basin

Myasnikova G.P., Muher A.G., Devyatov V.P. Paleogeography and dynamics of West Siberian Jurassic sedimentation

Nelikhov A.E. Folk Legends about Belemnite rostra

Nikulshina N. L. Study of the organic matter into reflected and ultraviolet lights (Jurassic deposits, Uvat region)

Pimenov M.V., Guzhikov A.Yu., Rogov M.A. Magnetostratigraphic characteristics of Jurassic sections of the  Russian Plate – GSSP candidates for Callovian, Oxfordian and Tithonian

Pismennaya N.S., Pismenny A.N., Enna N.L. Jurassic of the Greater Caucasus: problems of stratigraphy and geodynamics

Polubotko I.V., Repin Yu.S. The Triassic/Jurassic boundary in northeast Asia

Popov A.Y., Kazanenkov V.A. Sedimentary model of Bathonian deposits of north-east part of Shirotnoe Priobye

Pronin À.P. New data on Jurassic deposits in the North-West Peri-Aral region

Pystólnikova V.V., Ivanova N.A. Granulometric and mineralogical data for paleodynamic reconstructions and microfacies mapping of the Upper-Jurassic deposits, Tomsk region

Repin Yu.S. The ammonite scale of the Upper Pliensbachian of North - East Asia

Repin Yu.S., Polubotko I.V. The Pliensbachian / Toarcian boundary in the North - East Asia

Rovnina L.V., Mogucheva N.K., Smokotina J.V. About geological age of the Togur formation of Western Siberia

Rogov M.A., Guzhikov A.Yu. New data on bio- and magnetostratigraphy of the Upper Volgian Substage and Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary of Spitsbergen

Rogov M.A., Gulyaev D.B., Kiselev D.N. Principles of establishing and tracing of infrazonal units (on example of the Jurassic System)

Rogov M.A., Ippolitov A.P. JURASSIC.RU 2005-2009: History, present state and further prospects

Ruban D.A. Sequence stratigraphic interpretation of the Mezmajskaja Formation (Upper Jurassic, Greater Caucasus)

Ryzhkova S.V. Analysis of types of the Vasyugan horizon sections in the Ob-Irtysh interfluve (West Siberia)

Savenko V.A. Paleogeomorphology of the north of Shaim oil-and-gas bearing region (West Siberia) during the Early-Middle Jurassic

Saltykov V.F. Stratigraphy and the stages of the geological development of the Volga area during the Middle Jurassic

Selkova L.A., Lyurov S.V., Burdelnaya N.S., Boushnev D.A. Microfossils and geochemistry of the Middle Volgian shale-bearing deposits at the Aiyuva River (tributary of the Izhma River, Pechora River basin)

Seltser V.B., Grishanov A.N., Molostovskii E.A. Paleofaunistic data and tentative results of the petropaleomagnetic study of the Bathonian-Callovian boundary beds from the vicinity of Saratov

Sinichenkova N.D. The Jurassic stoneflies of Asia

Sobolev E.S., Lutikov O.A., Basov V.A., Yadrenkin A.V., Sapjanik V.V., Sobolev N.N. Stratigraphy of Upper Triassic and Lower Jurassic boundary deposits of Eastern Taimyr (northern Siberia)

Solovjev A.N. Callovian echinoids of North Caucasus

Starodubtseva I.A., Mitta V.V. D.I. Ilovaisky's expedition to the Northern Urals (1902) and its results

Startseva G.N., Zorina S.O. Paleobathimetry estimating on a basis of benthonic foraminifera from The Middle – Upper Jurassic deposits of the Uljanovsk-Saratov Deflection (Tatarsko-Shatrashanskaja Borehole 1)

Stafeev A.N., Smirnova S.B., Kosorukov V.L., Sukhanova T.V., Gustchin A.I. Stratigraphy of Lower and Middle Jurassic of the Lozovsky zone of the Crimea Mountains according to palynological data and clay’s mineralogy

Suleymanova N.I., Seltser V.B. K.I. Zhuravlyov – organizer of paleontologic monitoring at the Savelyevskoye combustible shale field (Saratov Region)

Tesakova E.M., Guzhov A.V. The Middle Oxfordian – Lower Kimmerigian beds with ostracods from Mikhalenino section (Kostroma region) and their comparison with synchronous strata of the Western Europe

Trubicyna A.N. Upper Jurassic stratigraphy of the Tevlinsko-Russkinskoe field (Western Siberia) by palynology

Ustinova M. A. Foraminiferal ranges in the Oxfordian-Kimmeridgian deposits of the Michalenino section (Kostroma region)

Frolov A.O., Mashchuk I.M. Plant communities of the Prisayan age (Middle Jurassic) within the Irkutsk coal basin

Chernova L.S., Potlova M.M., Efremenkova V.V. Sedimentation models of Middle-Upper Jurassic complex of Surgut arch (West Siberia)

Shurekova O.V. Dynocysts biostratigraphy of the Middle Jurassic deposits of Kaymysovskaya oil-and-gas bearing region (West Siberia)

Shchepetova E.V. Palaeoclimatic reconstructions based on clay mineral data from Upper Jurassic of Russian Plate: aspects and limitations

Popov E.V., Sagaev D.I. New data on chondrychthyan fishes from the lower Bathonian of Sokur  clay pit (Saratov)

Scherbakov E.S. Distribution of terrigenous-mineralogical associations in the Lower-Middle Jurassic deposits of Timan-Pechora sedimentary basin

Enna N.L. Lower-Middle Jurassic deposits of the Northern Caucasus – new data and basic problems

Yampolskaya O.B., Guzhikov A. Yu., Baraboshkin E.Yu., Bagaeva M.I. Magnetostratigraphic characteristic of Jurassic – Cretaceous boundary beds of East Crimea

Yan P.A. Sedimentary environments of Bathonian - Upper Jurassic deposits and the reasons of evolution of the Western-Siberian basin

Participants of the conference near to conference hall



A.Guzhikov opening the conference

Progress in Jurassic research (by V.Zakharov)

A.Ippolitov's presentation: all about

M.Pimenov, notebook keeper






Question from Novosibirsk


In the hall



E.Tesakova shows poster about ostracods



L.I.Rovnin and L.V.Rovnina

Pathway to island


Tasty apple



Lower Callovian, Bartolomeevka section

Ammonite searching



Ammonitologists (from left to right - Meledina, Mitta, Seltzer)

Dubki section - GSSP candidate for Oxfordian Stage


Callovian ammonites



26-30 September, 2007  Second All-Russian Conference 'Jurassic System of Russia: problems of stratigraphy and paleogeography held in Yaroslavl


Jurassic System of Russia: Problems of stratigraphy and paleogeography. Second all-Russian meeting. Scientific materials // in: Zakharov V.A. (Editor-in-chief); Dzyuba O.S., Kiselev D.N, Rogov M.A. (Redaction board). Yaroslavl: Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University, 2007. 278 pp. [in Russian with English titles] pdf




V.A Zakharov. Introduction.


V.P. Alexeev, E.O. Amon. Basin nonpaleontologic stratigraphy of Jurassic in Northern Eurasia: the search and amount of invariants


A.S. Alifirov, A.E. Igolnikov. New finds of Volgian and Berriasian ammonites from Yanov Stan Formation of North Western Siberia


V.V. Arkadiev. The Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary in the Crimean Mountains.


V.A. Basov, L.V. Vasilenko, N.V. Kupriyanova, B.L. Nikitenko, S.V. Meledina, B.N. Shurygin. Jurassic and Cretaceous biostratigraphy of the Barents Sea shelf.


A.L.Beisel. Tectonic-climatic nature of sediment and water supply pulses as the basis of ecosystems development staging.


P.Y. Belosludtsev, V.F. Grishkevich. Clinoform model of the Upper Jurassic of Middle Ob surroundings in West Siberia and its exploration meaning.


N.Yu. Bragin. New data on the composition of the Volgian and Berriasian radiolarian assemblages of Nordvick Peninsula (Arctic Siberia).


E.V. Bugdaeva, V.S. Markevich. Jehol Biota: the Late Jurassic or Early Cretaceous?


T.F. Bukina, Z.A.Yanochkina. Lithofacies complexes as the regional criteria of the uppe jurassic oil shale deposits correlation in the Volga basin.


N.S.Burdelnaya, D.A.Bushnev, S.V.Lyurov. Organic geochemistry of the bituminous shale of the Sinegorye as parameter of sedimentation environment.


L.G. Vakulenko, I.S. Yeltsov, P.A. Yan. Sedimentation Model of the Lower Jurassic Deposits in Azharma Structural-Facial District (Western Siberia) by Deep-Hole Drilling Data.


O. S. Vetoshkina. Chemical composition of siderite as an indicator of depositional environment of Jurassic Sediments of the Nizhnyaya Vychegda Depression, Northern Russian Plate.


L.A. Viskova. Middle Jurassic radiation of bryozoans and some peculiarites of their development on Russian platform.


V.J. Vuks. Biozonal scheme of the Upper Jurassic of the Western Caucasus: foraminifers and theirs facial features .


L.A. Glinskikh. Bionomical differentiation of foraminiferal associations on NW Siberian basin in Early and Middle Jurassic.


V.S. Grinenko. Aldan type of Jurassic section: status, problem of partition and correlation (East of the Siberian Platform).


V.S. Grinenko, V.G. Knyazev, V.P. Devjatov, B.N. Shurygin, S.V. Meledina, B.L. Nikitenko, O.S. Dzyuba. Characteristic features of formation of the East Siberian Sedimentary Basin in the Jurassic.


D.B. Gulyaev. New data on ammonite biostratigraphy of the Upper Batonian and Lower Callovian deposits of Churkinskaya Stchelya reference stratigraphic section (Pizhma River, river basin of Pechora).


Ya.M.Gutak. Jurassic System on the south-east Mountain Altai.


O.S. Dzyuba. Upper Jurassic belemnites of the Gorodische section (Middle Volga area): new data.


A.V. Zhabin, A.E. Zvonarev. Application of mineral and chemical analyses at paleogeographic reconstruction (on an example of adjournment of the Oxford circle Voronezh anteclyse).


V.A Zakharov. State of stage and zonal scales of the Jurassic System: global and regional aspects.


V.A Zakharov. The climatic caused dynamics of a molluscs areals in space and time during Late Jurassic (Oxfordian-Kimmeridgian) in high latitude of Northern hemisphere.


O.N. Zlobina. Sedimentary environments of Upper Jurassic deposits of the Yenisei-Khatanga Basin.


O.N. Zlobina Upper Jurassic deposits of Yenisei-Khatanga basin, Siberia.


O.V.Zolotova. Paleogeography of  horizon U2 Verxnevasuganskoy anticline and close-fitting depressions.


S.O.Zorina. Eustatic and geodynamic features of formation of Middle-Upper Jurassic Deposits in the East Russian Plate.


S.V. Ivantsov. Taphonomic features of Middle Jurassic vertebrates locality Nikol’skoye.


V.G. Izotov, L.M. Sitdikova, J.V. Kazantsev, P.A. Yan, J.G. Auchatov. Lithogeodynamics of the Upper Jurassic sediments in zone of dome raise developments in the Middle Ob River area.


L.A. Karimova. The regional stratigraphic units of Callovian end Oxfordian deposits of Belarus.


A.A.Kasumzadeh, A.Khalafly. Reference paleomagnetic section of the Middle-Upper Jurassic deposits in the Lesser Caucasus, Azerbaijan.


G.L. Kirillova. Jurassic system in northeastern of the asian part of Russia: stratigraphy, paleogeography, geodynamics.


D.N.Kiselev, M.A.Rogov. Ammonite succession of the Bathonian-Callovian boundary beds of the Middle Volga Region.


I.V. Kislukhin, V.I.Kislukhin, E.A.Brekhuntsova. Lithofacial zoning of the Upper Jurassic strata in Northwestern Siberia.


V.G. Knyazev, R.V. Kutygin, S.V. Meledina. Ammonite zonal scale of the Upper Bathonian and Lower Callovian of the Northern Siberia.


V.V. Krapiventseva. Sequence stratigraphy, lithology and paleogeography of the Jurassic deposits of the Bureya Basin (Khabarovsk Territory).


A.I. Kudamanov. On the structure of the Upper Jurassic “basic” oil reservoir within Druzhnoe oil field.


A.Yu. Kurazhkovskii, N.A. Kurazhkovskaya, B.I. Klain. Features of the Jurassic geomagnetic field.


L.K. Levchuk, B.L. Nikitenko, S.V. Meledina. The high-resolution stratigraphy of the Callovian–Upper Jurassic of south part Kazym-Konda facial area (Western Siberia) on the foraminifers and ammonites.


S.Yu.Maleonkina, A..A. Shkolin, A.A. Pekin. The new data about structure of the Jurassic beds of Moskow.


A.G. Manikin, O.P.Goncharenko, S.V.Astarkin, A.V.Zhabin. Depositional conditions of the Volgin deposits of the Middle Volga area (eastern part of the Russian Plate).


A.G. Manikin, M.V.Pimenov, O.P.Goncharenko, S.V.Malenkina, A.Yu.Guzhikov, S.V.Astarkin. Preliminary results of the terrigenous-mineralogical and pertomagnetic investigations  Предварительные результаты терригенно-минералогических и петромагнитных исследований верхнебатских-нижнекелловейских отложений разреза Просек (Нижегородская область).


V.N. Mantsurova, V.E. Smirnov. Jurassic stratigraphy and correlation of the Rakushechaya area in the North Caspian Sea.


V.S. Markevich, E.V. Bugdaeva. Palynological basis of J-K boundary in Bureya basin (Russian Far East).


A.V. Matveev. Calcareous nannoplankton of callovian – oxfordian of Dubki section (Saratov Volga region).


V.V. Mitta. The Boundary of the Bajocian and Bathonian Stages in the European Russia.


A.G.Muher, D.Е.Zagranovskaya, V.A.Sovenko, А.V.Tugareva, N.S.Truschenkov. Peculiarities of structure, correlation and range of Upper Jurassic – Lower Cretaceous deposits within south-west part of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area.


A.A. Nezhdanov. Role of cyclostratigraphy in the stratigraphical investigations.


А.А. Nezhdanov, V.V. Ogibenin, А.А. Popov, I.V. Kosarev, I.I. Haliullin, E.V. Gerasimova. Additions to regional stratigraphic scheme of the Upper Jurassic of Western Siberia.


A.Y. Nekhaev. The revision of structural and facial zoning of Lower and Middle Jurassic time in the north of Western Siberia.


B.L. Nikitenko, B.N. Shurygin. Ecotone zones of the Middle Jurassic Arctic Basin and the main abiotic events in key-areas as triggers of biotic turnover.


A.G. Olferiev. Geological history Voronezh  anteclise in Jurassuic period.


M.A. Pavlova. Sequence structure of the Upper Bathonian - Oxfordian deposits on a basis of geophysical data of Russkinskoe oil-field (Surgut arch, West Siberia).


М.V.Pimenov, А.Yu.Guzhikov, М.А.Rogov. Composite magnetostratigraphical section of the Bathonian – Oxfordian of the Russian Plate.


М.V.Pimenov, E.M.Tesakova, М.А.Rogov, А.Yu.Guzhikov, A.M.Mikhailov. On the coordinated oscillations of the paleoecological and petromagnetic features in the Middle-Upper Jurassic of Volga area.


Yu.S. Repin, I.V. Polubotko. Early Jurassic ecosystems of the North-East Asia.


L.V. Rovnina. Lower horizons of Jurassic of West Siberia, substantiation of the age.


S.V. Ryzhkova. Application of integrated approach for refining of facies zoning of Callovian-Volgian deposits in the southern areas of the Ob-Irtysh interfluve.


V.F. Saltykov. The sequence of the ammonite and foraminifer zones in Bajocian – Bathonian  section of the Lower Volga area.


L.A. Selkova. Palynological characteristic of Lower Jurassic deposits in Nizhnevychegodskaya depression (Russian Plate).


Seltser V.B. Konstantin Ivanovich Zuravlyov – local lore scientist, researcher of the Jurassic beds from the Saratov Volga left bank region.


Seltser V.B. The most severe damages of the Jurassic and the Early Cretaceous Ammonite shells from the Lower Volga Region.


L.M. Sitdikova, J.G. Aukhatov. Biogenic-Siliceous Collectors of the Severo-Danilovski Field.


Yu.L.Slastenov. On the age of deposits from Kavernino depression (Puchezh-Katun ring structure).


A.N. Solovjev, A.V. Markov. Jurassic period and the beginning of the Mesozoic radiation of echinoids.


I.A. Starodubtseva. The history of collections to the monography “Jurassic and Lower Cretaceons Cephalopoda of Northern Sibiria” by prof. A.P. Pavlow.


G.M. Tatyanin, A.F. Bezhentsev, E.V. Polkovnikova, E.N. Gabysheva, K.P. Lyalyuk, O.N. Kostesha. Stratigraphy and facies of the Upper Jurassic deposits within Kaimysovskaya oil-and-gas bearing region of the Western Siberia.


E.M. Tesakova, F. Atrops, G. Melendez. The ostracods of the Callovian/Oxfordian boundary from Central Russia and Southern France: the similarities and differences.


Е. М. Tesakova, М. Franz, Е. Baykina, Е. Beher. The new view on the Bathonian ostracods of Poland.


E.M. Tesakova, A.S. Strezh, D.B. Gulyaev. Lower Callovian Ostracods from Kursk area.


A.N. Trubicyna, V.I. Ilyina. Callovian–Upper Jurassic dinoflagellate cyst biostratigraphy of the Shaim Petroleum-Bearing Region (Western Siberia).


O.S. Urman. Volgian bivalves of the genus Meleagrinella from the south-east of West Siberia.


G.D. Ukhlova, S.N. Varlamov. Seismostratigraphic approach to correlation of the Upper Jurassic sediment complexes in the northeastern part of West Siberian Plate.


L.S. Chernova, M.M. Potlova, N.A. Ivanova, V.V. Pustilnikova, V.V. Efremenkova, E.V. Kokaulina, L.G. Kozlova, T.A. Okulova, D.G. Churakov. Evolution of large positive structures in the Late Jurassic in south-eastern West Siberia.


V.A. Shatrov, V.I.Sirotin,  G.V.Voitzekhovsky. Rare earth elements in the Middle Jurassic clays: indicative capacities applicable for reconstruction of sediment formation environment.


B.N. Shurygin, B.L. Nikitenko. The concept of zonal subdivision of Jurassic of Siberia (by the example of scales on macro- and microbenthos).


B.N. Shurygin, B.L. Nikitenko, A.S. Alifirov, A.E. Igolnikov, N.K. Lebedeva, E.B. Pestchevitskaya, A.Y. Popov. The new section of Volgian and Berriasian of Bolshehetskaya Syneclise (Western Siberia): complex paleontological characteristic, litho-, bio- and chemostratigraphy.


B.N. Shurygin, B.L. Nikitenko, S.V. Meledina, V.P. Devyatov, N.K. Lebedeva, O.S. Dzyuba. Regional Stratigraphic Jurassic Chart of the Eastern Siberia.


E.S. Sherbakov Sedimentary processes characteristics in Early-Middle Jurassic of Timano-Pechorsky sedimentation basin (according to terrigenous minerals).


E.S. Shcherbakov, U.V. Glukhov. Paleogeographical Conditions in the Middle Jurassic on the Territory of Sysola Syneclise (according to terrigenious minerals).


P.A. Yan, A.L. Beisel, L.G. Vakulenko, O.V. Burleva. Lithological Characters of the Geotectonic-Climatic Events in Bathonian–Late Jurassic History of the Western Siberia Sedimentary Basin.



Symposium of IGCP 506 and Berriassian WG Meeting in Bristol, Great Britain

Wimbledon W.A.P. (coord.) (2007) 4th Symposium IGCP-506, University of Bristol, 4-8 July 2007, Abstracts. 41 p. pdf


All photos were decreased to 640x480 dots; full collection of photographs by M.A. Rogov (~400 Mb) you can download from here until middle of October



Participants of the Symposium near to T/J boundary (photo by J.Michalik)



Near to our 'hotel'

Library party


Cat, the member of the hotel staff

V.A.Zakharov, Ph.Hoedemaeker, V.V.Mitta

Our coach


An old castle




Ammonites from local fossil shop


G.Pienkowski and J.Sha

Photographing the dinosaur's footprints

Big Portlandian ammonite

C.Castellato and V.A.Zakharov

Waiting for bus


K.Page and the base of the Sinemurian

First Sinemurian ammonites

Steam locomotive

Waiting for high tide

Psiloceras searching


Library party-

part 2

University of Bristol, Wills Memorial Building





8-10 November, 2006, Moscow, Paleontological Institute RAS, All-Russian Conference "Contributions to current cephalopod research: morphology, systematics, evolution, ecology and biostratigraphy" in memory of 90th anniversary of V.V.Druzschic and V.N.Shimansky


Short papers from the conference were published in Russian with English titles and abstracts: Contributions to current cephalopod research: morphology, systematics, evolution, ecology and biostratigraphy. Barskov I.S., Leonova T.B. (Eds.). Moscow: PIN, 2006. 122 p. pdf



Participants of the conference in the hall of the Paleontological Institute

A.Yu Rosanov and T.N.Bogdanova


M.S.Boiko and T.B.Leonova



Coffee break


E.S.Soboilev, A.G.Olferiev







"this book is here!" (I.S.Barskov)



Toast by M.S.Boiko




Any questions?... I asking question (I.A.Mikhailova)





Questions by I.S.Barskov





"Heteromorph ammonoids were so big..."


To the front - M.A.Golovinova

Presentation by V.V.Mitta




A.P. Ippolitov






V.B.Seltzer and a paleontological cat

One more toast!






7th Congress on the Jurassic System held in Krakow, Poland. Abstract has been published in Vol.IV of Volumina Jurassica and available online  






Gala Dinner

1. Registration and Gala Dinner (within Salt Mines)


...drinks are ready

V.Vuks & L.Ermakova


V.Zakharov with A.Wierzbowski...

....and N.Morton (both are chairmans of Jurassic (Sub)comission)


Quick dance

2. Scientific reports

Beginning of congress..


Lets talk about the Tithonian! (A.Scherzinger, F.Oloriz)

V.Zakharov's presentation about J/K boundary




New results about molluscan immigrations

G.Price talks about Cl/Ox boundary

...while G.Schweigert prepared something on Tithonian

Professor J.Kutek in his room

3. Callovian to Tithonian Working Group Meetings

...please answer this question!

Base of Oxfordian lay somethere here (G.Melendez)

Light and shadows (S.Fernandez-Lopez, J.Callomon, N.Morton)

A.Wierzbowski and V.Zakharov

Tithonian Working Group...

...and its chairman F.Oloriz

Callovian Working Group

...and its chairman J.Callomon

F.Gradstein asking the question

Kimmeridgian Working Group

"Ki/Oxf boundary will be here!" (A.Wierzbowski)

"What shall we do with Oxfordian?"

Offer of Chinese delegation - JS-8 in China


These ladies help us to understand "what?", "how?" and "where?"

Feild Trip B1

Stop 1- Mlynka Quarry

Jurassic Square

...and lunch in "Jurassic Restaurant"

View from outside

"How much is ammonoids"

Ogrodzieniec Castle

V.Zakharov, A.von Hillebrandt, E.Tesakova

J.Wright & J Callomon

Everything about Jurassic!

Waiting for Callovian (K.Page), Ogrodzieniec Quarry

Sowa clay pit (P.Leonovich talks)

Searching for small fossils


...something about microfossils

Where're the Bathonian ammonites? (Leszczynski's clay pit)


Gnaszyn clay pit


...and M.Barski ahead

Cl/Oxf boundary (Wrzosowa Quarry)

Our hotel

Where is Amoeboceras beds?

E.Tesakova, N.Morton, J.Callomon and V.Zakharov

Warta river

At lunch (G.Melendez, J.Bello, K.Page, E.Glowniak)

A.von Hillebrandt, M.Franz and G.Schweigert

V.Zakharov, N.Morton and J.Pavia

E.Tesakova, G.Schweigert, U.Hara, A.von Hillebrandt

A.Dhubaib, A.Galacz and R.Hull

E.Glowniak and K.Page

J.Wright and J.Bello


Oxfordian WG advancing




Scientific session in memory of 95-anniversary of V.N.Sachs "Paleontology, biostratigraphy and paleogeography of Boreal Mesozoic" was held in Novosibirsk, 26-28 April, 2006

Materials of Scientific Session (in pdf format)



Foreword (3-5)

Zakharov V.A., Meledina S.V., Shuryguin B.N. Interdisciplinar investigations in the works of V.N.Sachs (6-9)

Volkova V.S. V.N. Sachs and his contribution on the studying of the Quaternary (9-12)

I. Mesozoic biota: systematic composition and evolutionary trends

Amon E.O., Afanasieva M.S. Peculiarities of the evolution of biodiversity of Radiolarian’s fauna (Nasellaria) within the Late Cretaceuos West Siberian basin (13-17)

Beniamovsky V.N. Late Cretaceous – Paleogene turnovers in the paleogeographical settings and biota of South Ural and adjacent areas (17-19)

Vasilieva O.N. Palinophloras of the Late Cretaceous and Early Paleogene of North Turgai (19-22)

Dzyuba O.S., Igolnikov A.E., Alifirov A.S., Urman O.S. Main tendencies in the development of mulluscan assemblages in the Late Jurassic seas of Northern Siberia (22-25)

Karogodin Yu.N. Version of the cause of global biota turnovers within the pattern of lithmogenetic paradigm (25-27)

Lebedeva N.K. Palynological characteristics of the Maastrichtian deposits from the Bovanenkovskaya-2 borehole (Western Siberia) (28-30)

Levchuk L.K., Meledina S.V., Nikitenko B.L. Faunal characteristics and chronology of the Callovian – Late Jurassic of the Samorjacha Area of the Western Siberia (31-34)

Lipnitskaya T.A. Radiolarians of Bazhenovo Formation of Latitudinal Priobie (34-38)

Palechek T.N. Оn the Boreal radiolarian associations from the selected sections of the North-East regions of the Russia (39-41)

Peschevitskaya E.B. Dinocystes of the Aprobolocysta genus from the Lower Cretaceous of Western Siberia: their morphology, systematics and stratigraphical significance (41-44)

Ruban D.A. Peculiarities of evolution in Triassic bivalves of Boreal Realm from Wester Caucasus (45-47)

Selkova L.A. Comparison of palynofloras from the Callovian deposits of the Syssola, Jarenga and Pesha river basins (north of the European Russia) (47-48)

Sinitca S.M. Enigmates of the Jurassic marine deposits of Transbaikal region (49-50)

Smirnova S.B., Baraboshkin E.Yu. Spore-pollen assemblages of Valanginian – Barremian of Jatria river (Subpolar Ural) (50-53)

Tesakova E.M., Rogov M.A. Paleoecological analysis of the Upper Callovian – Lowser Oxfordian ostracods of Dubki section (Saratov Volga area) (53-55)

Jadrischenskaya N.G. Оn the age of flora from Holodzhikan Formation, Upper Amur area (56-57)

II. Problems of stratigraphy of Boreal Mesozoic

Aleksandrova G.N., Alekseev A.S., Beniamovsky V.N., Ovechkina M.N., Olferiev O.G. Stratigraphical distribution of dinocysts and foraminifers in the Santonian – Maastrichtian deposits of Saratov Volga Area and south of West-Siberian plane (58-61)

Alekseev V.P. Correlational significance of high-carbon horizon within the Middle Jurassic deposits of central parts of Northern Eurasia (61-64)

Baraboshkin E.Yu., Guzhikov A.Yu., Jampolskaya O.B. New data on the stratigraphy of the Valanginian – Hauterivian boundary beds in the Jatria river (Subpolar Ural) (64-66)

Bashurova N.F. Сomparison of the Middle Jurassic spore-pollen assemblages of east Transbaikalia (Shadonian biostratigraphical horizon (67-69)

Berson E.I., Smoktina I.V. Separation of Aptian – Albian discontinuity within Chulym-Enisei facial area (69-71)

Bochkarev V.A., Brechuntsov A.M., Harin N.V., Cimbaljuk Yu.A. New data for specification of Triassic and Jurassic stratigraphical schemes of Western Siberia (71-74)

Vuks V.Ya. Foraminiferal assemblages of Caucasus and Russian platform: significance for Boreal-Tethyan correlation of the Upper Jurassic (74-77)

Gorkaltsev A.A. Detailed stratigraphy of Vasjugan Formation in the boreholes of Tomsk region (Gluchovsk, Nalimie, Ponzha oilfields) (77-80)

Grinenko V.S., Knjazev V.S., Truschelev A.M., Devjatov V.P., Shurygin B.N., Nikitenko B.L. Meledina S.V., Lebedeva N.K., Dzuba O.S. Small-scale mapping  as a base for increase of effectiveness of correlation of Mesozoic stratigraphical schemes for the transition between Siberian Platform and Yana-Kolyma Folded Area (81-85)

Grishkevitch V.F., Belosludcev P.Yu. Markers of formations: that is the base of constructive stratigraphy? (85-87)

Zonova T.D. Biostratigraphical subdivision of the Turonian deposits of Sakhalin by means of inoceramids and ammonoids (87-89)

Zorina S.O. Оn comparison of the regional stratigrahical subdivisions of Mesozoic with Geologic Time Scale (by the example of north-west Ulianovsk-Saratov downfold) (90-93)

Kalinin E.A. Buchia beds in the Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous section of Amur river (Khabarovsk area) and correlation with Boreal Zonal Standard (93-97)

Kamentcev L.I. Possible correlation level in the Volgian – Berriassian deposits of central parts of the Russian Platform (97-98)

Karogodin Yu.N. Тhe term “straton”, its significance, conception, definition and classification of strata (system aspect) (99-102)

Karogodin Yu.N , Kulinkovich A.E., Nezhdanov A.A., Simanov A.L., Hakimov E.M. International project “System model of stratigraphy of the oil-and-gas basins of Eurasia and World” (103-104)

Knjazev V.G., Meledina S.V., Kutygin R.V., Dovgopolik D.A. Zonal succession of the Upper Bathonian and Lower Callovian of Arctic Jakutia (104-107)

Konstantinov A.G. Triassic ammonite zonal scale of the North-East of the Russia: modern state and main problems (107-109)

Marinov V.A., Sobolev E.S. New data on stratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous of Ust-Enisei region (north of Western Siberia) (109-112)

Mitta V.V. The Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary: continuation of discussion (112-115)

Mitta V.V. Оn the Bathonian/Callovian boundary in the Boreal scale (115-117)

Nezhdanov A.A., Karogodin Yu.N. Paths of the enhancement of regional stratigraphic schemes (by the example of Mesozoic of Western Siberia) (117-120)

Podobina V.M. Biostratigraphy of the Coniackian Stage of Western Siberia (120-123)

Podobina V.M., Kseneva T.G. Foraminifer zones and biostratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous of Western Siberia (123-127)

Polkovnikova E.V., Tatianin G.M. Materials for biostratigraphy of the Middle Oxfordian of Western Siberia (Tomsk region) (127-129)

Repin Yu.S., Polubotko I.V. Ammonite scale of the Lower Jurassic of North-East of Russia (129-132)

Rychkova I.V. Usage of sequence stratigraphy under investigation of the Upper Cretaceous deposits of South-East of Western Siberia (133-135)

Tatarov A.O. Problem of separation of Middle Triassic in Transbaikalia (135-137)

III. Paleogeography and paleobiogeography

Bugrova E.M. Materials for biostratigraphy and paleogeography of Northern Siberia in the end of Mesozoic (138-140)

Klets T.V. Main features of paleogeographical differentiation of Conodontoforida during the Early Triassic (140-143)

Lavrenko N.S. Lithological and palynological indicators of paleoclimate of the Early Callovian of Pritimanie (143-146)

Meledina S.V., Alifirov A.S. Biogeography and biostratigraphy of Western-Siberian basin in Callovian by ammonites (146-149)

Nikitenko B.L. Paleobiogeography of the Early Jurassic of Arctic by foraminifers and ostracods (149-153)

Podobina V.M., Rychkova I.V. Paleogeography of the South-East of Western Siberia during the Late Cretaceous (153-156)

Rovnina L.V. Paleontological data under the climate reconstruction during the Late Jurassic (156-159)

Rogov M.A., Kiselev D.N., Zakharov V.A. Molluscs migrations and Boreal-Tethyan ecotone in the Middle Russian sea on the East-European Plain (159-163)

IV. Sedimentation basins: lithogenesis, conditions of generation and oil-and-gas bearing

Aleynikov E.V. Paleorelief reconstruction using 3-D modeling by the example of Pomut Zone (Western Siberia) (164-166)

Beisel A.L. Significance of the impulse model of formation of sedimentary cycles for stratigraphy and basin analysis (166-169)

Belosludcev P.Yu. Peculiarities of clinoform structure of the Upper Jurassic deposits of Latitudinal Priobie (170-172)

Borodkin V.N., Hramtsova A.V. Lithologo and seismofacial zoning of Achima клиноформного assemblage of Western Siberia (172-175)

Brehuntsov A.M., Bochkarev V.S. History of generation of the West Siberian megabasin and main patterns of oil-and-gas field distribution (175-177)

Vakulenko L.G., Yan P.A. Peculiarities of transition from Verhnetumenskaya to Nizhnevasuganskaya subformations in the Latitudinal Priobie (177-179)

Deviatov V.P., Predtechenskaya E.A., Sysolova T.G. For conditions of generation of the Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous deposits of Western Siberia (179-182)

Zlobina O.N. Experience of landscape reconstruction for the Jurassic of Suburalian part of Western Siberia (182-185)

Kalinin E.A., Kudymov A.V. Оn the under-rock classification of depositional assemblages:  review of methods of sedimento-facial, sequence and formational investigations (185-189)

Kisluhin I.V. Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous deposits of Yamal peninsula (189-191)

Kislihin V.I., Kisluhin I.V., Brehuntsova E.A. Generation of Late Jurassic basin on the north of Western Siberia (192-194)

Maljonkina S.Yu. Conditions of phosphate deposition in Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous sedimentation basins of the East European Platform (194-196)

Nezhdanov A.A., Skichko M.V., Gerasimova E.V. History of formation and peculiarities of structure of Tas-Gydan region of Western Siberia (197-199)

Serdjuk Z.Yu., Slepokurova L.D., Zubareva L.I., Kirilova N.V., Vilkovskaya I.Yu. Peculiarities of deposition of productive beds of the Middle-Upper Jurassic in facies of island beach (Western Siberia) (199-205)

Chernova L.S., Krol L.A., Potlova M.M., Ivanova N.A., Pustylnikova V.V., Guschina N.E., Efremenkova V.V., Ilyinych E.V., Kokaulina E.V., Kozlova L.G. Litho-facial peculiarities of the Jurassic-Cretaceous deposits in connection with estimation of their perspectivity for oil and gas (by the example of Taimyr) (204-208)

Shemin G.G., Beisel A.L., Nehaev A.Yu., Vakulenko L.G., Zanin Yu.N., Kashtanov V.A., Moskvin V.I., Nikitenko B.L., Shurygin B.N. Lithologic-paleogeographic reconstructions of Callovian and Upper Jurassic deposits of north of Western Siberia (208-210)

Schepetova E.V. Late Jurassic – Early Cretaceous global events, connected with accumulation of sea organic matter and their regional reflection on the Russian Platform (211-213)

Yan P.A., Vakulenko L.G., Goryacheva A.A., Kostyreva E.A., Moskvin V.I. Structure, composition and conditions of generation of Togur Formation by results of drilling of the West-Tyumen borehole no.1 (Lower Toarcian, Western Siberia) (213-216)



SELECTED PHOTOS FROM THE CONFERENCE (by O.S. Dzyuba, S.N. Hafayeva and P. A. Yan)


Participants of the conference



 21-22.11.2005 First All-Russian Conference 'Jurassic System of Russia: problems of stratigraphy and paleogeography"

Short papers from conference [pdf; in Russian]

(for viewing pdf files you can download free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Selected photos from the conference

Brief report on the conference:

Zakharov V. A. , Shurygin B. N., Dzyuba O. S., Rogov M.A. (2006) The First All-Russia Meeting on “Jurassic of Russia: Problems of Stratigraphy and Paleogeography” // Stratigraphy and Geological Correlation. V.14. no.3. P.341–343. pdf



Arkhangelski M.S. On the record of the incomplete ichthyosaurs skeleton in the Lower Callovian of Saratov Region

Aukhatov Ya.G., Burleva O.V., Vakulenko L.G., Nikolenko O.D., Shurygun B.N., Jan P.A. The Jana unit (Callovian -  lowermost Lower Oxfordian) in the Vasjugan Group of the West Siberian sedimentary basin

Basov V.A., Kuznetsova K.I. Jurassic Boreal and Tethyan foraminifera: reasons and character of the similarity and difference

Beisel A.L. Changes in the intensity of the runoff of deposits – a key factor of the formation of the sedimentary cycles (on the material of the Jurassic of West Siberia)

Belosludcev P.Yu., Karogodin Yu.N. Clinoform model of the Vasjugan Group of the Latitudinal Priobie of West Siberia

Berson E.I., Smoktina I.V. Reference sections of the Jurassic deposits of the south-east part of West-Siberian Plate (Krasnoyarsk Region)

Borisenko Yu.A. Problems of the usage of the oxygen isotope values in Jurassic belemnite guards for paleogeography

Bugdaeva E.V., Markevich V.S. Late Jurassic – Early Cretaceous helophyte communities of the Bureja Basin

Bukina T.F., Janochkina Z.A. Eventual correlational levels of the Upper Jurassic shale-bearing deposits of the Volga Basin

Burdelnaya N.S., Bushnev D.A. Isorenieraten derivatives within aromatic fraction of bitumen-rocks of the sedimentary rocks of the Syssola shale-bearing section

Bushenev D.A., Chlybov V.V. Mineralogical – stratigraphical method and possibility of its utilization for correlation of the Jurassicsandy sediments of West Pritimanie

Bushnev D.A., Schepetova E.V., Lyjurov S.V. Oxfordian rich-carbon horizon of the Russian Plate: new sedimentological and geochemical data

Vakulenko L.G., Aksenova T.P., Madiev M.Z., Nikolenko O.D., Popov A.Yu., Jan P.A. Conditions of formation of Bathonian horizon Yu2 in the Yugan Priobie (lithological criteria of diagnostics)

Varlamov S.N., Ukhlova G.D. Problems of paleogeography and stratigraphy of Bazhenov Suite (Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary, central areas of West Siberia)

Vetoshkina O.S. Isotopic composition of early diagenetic siderites as a possible indicator of the changes of climate during the Triassic-Jurassic (north part of the Russian Plate)

Vosnesensky A.I. Paleogeography and geodynamics in the Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous of the northern periphery of Tethys

Gavrilov Yu.O. Early Toarcian event in the Great Caucasus Basin

Goryacheva A.A. Palynological characteristics of the Tjumen Suite and Vasjugan Suite boundary beds in the Lul’-Yachskaya-5P well log (latutudinal Priobie)

Grebenschikova N .V. Small-sized molluscan fauna between Dnestr and Prut rivers

Grinenko V.S., Knjazev V.G., Truschelev A.M., Shurygin B.N., Devyatov V.P., Nikitenko B.L., Meledina S.V., Dzyuba O.S. Sheet Q-52 “Verkhojanian Chains”: conditions, problems of partition, correlation and cartography of the sedimentary deposits of Jurassic age in scale 1:1000000

Grishanov A.N. Pertomagnetics and magnetic minerals of the Bajocian-Bathonian deposits of the south-east of the Russian Plate and their significance for the estimation of the depositional conditions and diagenesis

Guzhov A.V. Gastropod ranges within the clayey sediments of the Middle and Upper Jurassic of the European part of Russia

Gulyaev D.B. Infrazonal subdivision of the Upper Bathonian and Lower Callovian of the East-European Platform by ammonites

Gulyaev D.B. Stages of the ammonite fauna development during the early phases of the formation of the East-European sea basin (Late Bathonian – Early Callovian)

Dzyuba O.S. Peculiarities of the belemnite settling within the Boreal seas in the end of the Middle Jurassic

Dzyuba O.S., Kostyreva E.A., Melenevski V.N., Rogov M.A. Depositional conditions of the organic matter in the Middle – Upper Jurassic rocks of the Saratov and Ulianovsk Volga areas

Efimov V.V., Efimov V.M. A first record of the fossil reptile remains in the Bathonian of the Middle Volga area

Zhabin A.V., Zvonarev A.E. Usage of the clay mineral associations under paleogeographic reconstructions (by the example of the Callovian Stage of the Voronezh Synclise)

Zakharov V.A. Geochronological scale of the Jurassic System: history of making, contribution of the Russian scientists for the Boreal Standard Zonation, and modern state

Zakharov V.A., Shurygin B.N., Meledina S.V., Rogov M.A., Kiselev D.N., Nikitenko B.L., Dzyuba O.S., Ilyina V.I. The Boreal Standard of the Jurassic System: discussion about the new version

Zakharov V.A., Kasumzadeh A.A. Southernmost records of the Boreal genus Buchia (Bivalvia) in the Tithonian of the Eurasia

Zlobina O.N. Geochemical indices of the depositional conditions and paleontological data in the landscape reconstructions of the Jurassic of Fore-Ural part of the West Siberia

Zorina S.O. Middle-Upper Jurassic sequences of the North-East of the Ulianovsk-Saratov downfold

Kaidalov V.A. Cyclicity of the deposition, reflecfted in the Jurassic sections of the south coast of Ochotsk Sea

Karogodin Yu.N. About the necessity of the change of the suite paradigm of basin stratigraphy by the system paradigm (by the example of Jurassic deposits of West Siberia)

Kemkin I.V., Filippov A.N. Jurassic hemipelagic deposits of the ancient oceans in the accretion complexes of Sikhote-Alin and their significance

Kirillova G.L., Roganov G.V., Kiryanova V.V. Late Jurassic paleogeography and geodynamics of the Fore-Amur area

Kirichkova A.I., Kostina E.I., Bystritskaya L.I. Problem of the correlation of the terrestrial sections of the Siberian Jurassic

Kiselev D.N. Parallel biohorizons of the Callovian of European Russia by cardioceratids and their role for the correlation of the Callovian Scales of Boreal and Subboreal Provinces

Kiselev D.N., Rogov M.A. Zones, Subzones and biohorizons of the Upper Callovian and Lower Oxfordian of the European part of Russia

Kolosov P.N., Ivensen G.V., Mikhailova T.E., Kurzanov S.M., Efimov M.B., Gubin Yu.M. New data on the fauna and flora of the Late Mesozoic locality Teete (Jakutia)

Kontorovich A.E., Kazanenkov V.A., Vakulenko L.G., Topeshko V.A., Saenko L.S., Nikolenko O.D., Mitkarjov V.A. Paleogeography of the central and south areas of the West Siberian depositional basin during the Bathonian

Levchuk L.K. New data on the foraminifers of West Siberia

Lyjurov S.V., Bushnev D.A., Burdelnaya N.S. Jurassic shale-bearing deposits of the Syssola depression

Maljonkina S.Yu. Organisms-concentrators of phosphorus in the Jurassic of the central areas of East-European Platform

Meledina S.V. Peculiarities of the ammonite differentiation and paleogeography of the West Siberian depositional basin during the Kimmeridgian

Mitta V.V. Paracadoceras keuppi – new zone of the Upper Bathonian of the Russian Platform

Molostovsky E.A. New data on the magnetostratigraphy of the Bajocian-Bathonian deposits in the Lower Volga area

Muher A.G., Tugareva A.V., Glushko N.K. Peculiarities of the paleogeography and climate of the central areas of the West Siberia (Khanty-Mansy Autonomous District) in the Early and Upper Jurassic

Nezhdanov A.A. Debating questions of the stratigraphy of the lowermost Jurassic horizons in West Siberia

Nezhdanov A.A., Karogodin Yu.N., Ogibenin V.V., Gerasimova E.V. System-lithmologic (cyclic) model of Upper Jurassic of the north and arctic regions of West Siberia

Nikitenko B.L. Zonal stratigraphy of the Jurassic of Arctic regions by microfossils

Nikitenko B.L., Shurygin B.N. Re-organization of the Late Jurassic macro- and microbenthonic cathens of Siberia and Alaska: their comparison and analysis of the possible reasons of reorganization

Palechek T.N. Middle-Upper Jurassic associations of radiolarians of the Taigonos Peninsula

Panov D.I. Geodynamic and paleogeographical history of the Crimean-Caucasian margin of Tethys and adjacent areas of the Scythian Plate and East-European Platform during the Jurassic Series

Panov D.I. State and problem of stratigraphy of the Jurassic deposits of Caucasus

Pimenov M.V., Guzhikov A.Yu., Rogov M.A. Preliminary results of the magnetostratigraphic study of the Upper Kimmeridgian – Volgian section (Gorodischi, Ulianovsk area)

Pimenov M.V., Guzhikov A.Yu., Saltykov V.F. Separation of the correlation levels by geochemic data for the stratification of the Middle Jurassic deposits in the north of the Don-Medveditsa dislocations

Polubotko I.V., Repin Yu.S. Toarcian of Arctic paleozoochorema

Ponomarenko A.G., Sukacheva I.D., Bashkuev A.S. Peculiarities of the fauna of the Upper Jurassic Karatau locality (Kazakhstan)

Popov E.V. New data on the Chondrichthyes (Holocephali) from the Jurassic of the European Russia

Prozorovsky V.A. Role of the selected scientists in the development of the Jurassic straigraphy (V.F.Pchelincev, G.Ya.Krymholtz, N.V.Besnosov)

Repin Yu.S. Ammonite scales of the circum-Arctic Middle Jurassic

Rovnina L.V. Palinostratigraphy of the Lower Jurassic of the West Siberia

Rogov M.A., Arkadiev V.V., Baraboshkin E.Yu. New data on the ammonites and biostratigraphy of the Kimmeridgain and Tithonian of the Mountain Crimea

Romanov L.F. Planctonic Bivalvia of the Tethyan Jurassic

Ryzhkova S.V. Comparison of the boundaries of the Vasjugan regional horizon, oil-and-gas bearing and seismofacial complexis in the south-east of Western Siberia

Saltykov V.F. Pattern of the depositional and biota evolution in the Lower Volga area Middle Jurassic

Sapozhenkov A.Yu. On the features of the ontogeny of some representatives of the Cylindroteuthinae Stolley

Sey I.I., Kalacheva E.D. On the occasion of the problem of Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary

Selkova L.A. Palinologic characteristics of the Callovian deposits in the Vychegda river basin

Selzer V.B. Infrazonal biostrata of the Callovian of Saratov Volga area

Selzer V.B., Saltykov V.F. History of examination of the Middle Jurassic rocks of the Lower Volga area

Sennikov A.G., Alifanov V.R., Efimov M.B. New data about the geological structure and vertebrate fauna of the Middle Jurassic Peski locality (Moscow region)

Sinichenkova N.D. Characteristics of the water insect fauna of Jurassic Series

Soloviev A.N., Markov A.V. Jurassic disasterid sea urchins

Starodubceva I.A. History of investigations of the Jurassic deposits of the Central Russia (XIX-XX centuries)

Chernova L.S., Potlova M.M., Ivanova N.A., Pustylnikova V.V., Guschina N.E., Efremenkova V.V., Kakaulina E.V., Ilyinych E.V., Okulova T.A., Churakov L.G. Model-paleogeographic reconstructions of the Upper Jurassic deposits of the gas-and-oil bearing areas (by the example of the south-east of the West Siberia)

Shurygin B.N., Meledina S.V., Dzyuba O.S. Paleobiogeography of the Arctic basins in the late Middle to early Late Jurassic by mollusks

Shurygin B.N., Nikitenko B.L. Early- and Middle Jurassic paleobiogeography of Arctic

Schepetova E.V. Sedimentational and geochemical environments of the formation of oil shale section (Dorsoplanites panderi Zone) in the north-west part of the Moscow Synclise

Scherbakov E.S., Lyjurov S.V. Accessory clastic minerals allocation in the Callovian deposits of the Pechora sedimentary basin

Yanin B.T. About the priority works in the paleozoogeography of the Jurassic seas

Selected photos from the conference

(photos by M.A. Rogov, P.A.Yan, E.V.Popov, A.V.Guzhov)

Presentation of A.L.Beisel

Participants in the conference-hall of Geological institute

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  ...stratigraphy begins from here (presentation of V.A.Zakharov)





Presentation of E.V.Bugdaeva


Best wishes from Vladivostok


Listening to the interesting report


After report of D.B.Gulyaev


B.N.Shurygin and others

"That do you think about this report, professor Zakharov?" (V.A.Zakharov, A.V.Guzhov)


Novosibirsk ahead! (B.N.Shurygin and O.S.Dzyuba in the foreground)


"Are you recorded radiolarians from boreholes?' (V.S.Vishnevskaya, G.D.Ukhlova)














...let us discuss the priority  (B.T.Yanin)


V.A.Zakharov and V.A. Prozorovsky






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Let's begin the poster session


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We are from Novosibirsk! (O.S.Urman, O.S. Dzyuba)

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Some ammonoids of the Saratov area are so big! (V.B.Seltzer and A.G.Olferiev)

...but their average size is as following


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