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JURASSIC.RU is a non-commercial project devoted to geology and paleontology of the Jurassic period. It was founded in November, 2005 by Dr. Mikhail Rogov to provide the scientific community with information on research of group of Russian stratigraphers supported by  RFBR grant #03-05-64284, and, later, #06-05-64282, 09-04-00456 and 12-05-00380. During maturing of the resource, many new thematic pages have appeared, and to the moment JURASSIC.RU has completely outgrew its primary objective, and became an important resource for jurassic researchers. In 2007-2008 we started several projects with no direct relation to Jurassic, and attached the Guestbook and the Forum. Now JURASSIC.RU has about 150-200 visitors from 72 countries daily.

Objectives and goals

- to render informational support for paleontology researchers all over the world. To achieve this, we inform the community about interesting and useful Internet-resources (e.g. open access libraries, journals, etc.), past and forthcoming Conferences and Symposiums. Special attention is paid to electronic literature, because its accessibility to the researcher greatly influences the quality of his work; for this purpose we support a largest online library on Jurassic Geology and Paleontology

- to provide and support online communication, experience exchange and discussion of specific questions between Jurassic people all over the world. Welcome to the forum, dear colleagues!

- we also endeavor to help everybody interested in the Past of our Planet, despite of his age and formal education, both paleontology professionals and amateurs with making accessible the best popular scientific materials and take part in discussions at our Forum. Amateur paleontology in Russia has great potential to develop, and we hope that all our activities are small steps towards its implementation

It was established historically, that most active around the site are the researchers of Jurassic, so most of materials are in any event connected with Jurassic. But now we do not restrict ourselves with only this subject, and will expand the area of JURASSIC.RU as people concerned would appear.

According to the main concept of the site, every single page of JURASSIC.RU should become a valuable tool in a researcher's hands.


Mikhail Rogov Alexei Ippolitov Viktor Zakharov Evgenij Baraboshkin Dmitry Kiselev

Mikhail Rogov - the webmaster, chief editor of the JURASSIC.RU and most of its pages, including large contribution to the libraries. Email: russianjurassic@gmail.com

Alexei Ippolitov - creative ideas on resource development, editor and project leader of several projects, one of the most significant contributors to the libraries. Email: ippolitov.ap@gmail.com

Viktor Zakharov - an inspirator for all of us, the leader of RFBR projects, which partly support the site.

Evgenij Baraboshkin & Aleksandr Guzhov - huge contribution to the development of the libraries

Dmitry Kiselev - designer of many graphic elements

... and, of course, numerous friends of the site who have shared some useful information (by sending links, electronic papers, conference information, etc.) with colleagues with our modest help:

Alekseev A.S., Alifirov A.S., Arkadiev V.V., Becaud M., Bersac S., Bert D., Bizikov V.A., Bondarev A.A., Bourillot R., Bragin N.Yu., Bulot L., Bushnev D.A., Chuprov V., Delanoy G., Dietze V., Dzyuba O.S., Florinsky I.V., Fözy I., Gabdullin R.R., Gavrilov Yu.O., Guex J., Hoffmann R., Igolnikov A.E., Jagt-Yazykova .., Jain S., Janicke E., Janssen N.M.M., Kamentsev L., Kasumzadeh A.A., Kin A., Korchagin O.A., Košťak M., Kovácz Z., Krajewski M., Kuzmin A., Lysenko V.I., Maleonkona S.Yu., Matveev A.V., Mironenko A., Mitta V.V.,  Mailliot S., Matsuoka A., Naumov D.G., Nazarova V.M., Nelihov A.E., Nützel A., Parent H., Parhaev P.Yu., Pignatti J., Pimenov M.V., Poletaev A.V., Poletaeva E.V., Popov E.V., Nowacki P., Schweigert G., Serdjuk O.G., Sinitsyna Yu.A., Sviták C., Terekhov A.A., Tesakova E.M., Shurygin B.N., Schepetova E.V., Sviták C., Vinarsky M., Vuks V.Ya., Zibrov I.A., Zorina S.O.

Welcome, Colleagues!


The keeping of numerous Gigabytes of electronic publications in *.PDF and *.DJVU file formats became possible with the disinterested help of  WWW.IZMAYLOVO.RU / WWW.WIKI.RU and personally of V.Yu. Isaev.

Ваши замечания и предложения по оформлению и содержанию сайта пишите М.А.Рогову: rogov_m@rambler.ru