This site is about the Jurassic (and now - the whole Mesozoic) of Russia and adjacent areas. Here you can find a lot of information on Jurassic research in our country. Publications, history and present-day information on the Jurassic of Russia.









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New hyperlinks to periodicals are added:


Abhandlungen der Königlich Preussischen Geologischen Landesanstalt : neue Folge  (1889-1944)

Anales del Museo de La Plata. Paleontología argentina

Annales historico-naturales Musei Nationalis Hungarici (back issues)

Archive of Mining Sciences

Arctic Environmental Research


Bulletin du Muséum national d'histoire naturelle. Série 3. Zoologie (BHL)

Experiment in geosciences

Fossilium catalogus. II: Plantae

G3 (Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems)

Giornale di Malacologia

Journal of Nannoplankton Research

Journal of the Perthshire Society of Natural Science

Michigan botanist

Mitteilungen aus dem Naturwissenschaftlichen Verein für Neuvorpommern und Rügen in Griefswald

Mittheilungen aus dem Jahrbuche der Königlich Ungarischen Geologischen Anstalt

Mitteilungen der Geologischen Landesanstalt von Elsass-Lothringen

The Nautilus, A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology (BHL)


Őslénytani viták (Discussiones Palaeontologicae)

Plant Science Bulletin

Polish Polar Research (or here)

Revista de la Asociación Geológica Argentina

South Africa Journal of Science

Special publications - The Museum, Texas Tech University

Studia biologica

The Tasmanian Naturalist

Transactions and Proceedings of the Perthshire Society of Natural Science

Veröffentlichungen aus dem Naturkunde-Museum Bielefeld

Virginia journal of science

Zoological letters


Additional useful hyperlinks: website currently hosts three main databases - Acritax, Nannotax and pforams@mikrotax

New Jurassic publications are added (received from or/and scanned by A. Doweld,. R. Enay, S. Jain, С. Kim, M. Rogov, A. Ippolitov):

Akopyan V.T. (1962) Stratigraphy of the Jurassic and Cretaceous deposits of south-east Zangezur. Erevan: Arm. Ac. Sci. publ., 264 p. [in Russian] pdf

Amanniyazov K.N. (1971) Upper Jurassic ammonites of Kugitang // Palaeontological substantiation of reference sections of the Jurassic System of Uzbekistan and adjacent areas. Collection no.10. Leningrad: Nedra. P.41-55. [in Russian] pdf

Azaryan N.R. (1963) Stratigraphy and fauna of the Jurassic deposits of Alaverdy ore district of the Armenian SSR. Erevan: Arm. Ac. Sci. publ. 255 p. [in Russian] pdf


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