This site is about the Jurassic (and now - the whole Mesozoic) of Russia and adjacent areas. Here you can find a lot of information on Jurassic research in our country. Publications, history and present-day information on the Jurassic of Russia.










New hyperlinks to open access periodicals are added

Bulletin of the Geological Institution of the University of Upsala

Fieldiana Geology memoirs

FUDMA Journal of Sciences

Geology, Ecology, and Landscapes

INSUGEO Serie Correlación Geológica

Iranian Geological Quarterly

The Journal of the Indian Association of Sedimentologists

Journal of Petroleum Research

Journal of Sea Research

Jurnal Pendidikan Vokasi

Meddelanden från Lunds Geologiska Fältklubb

Peer Community Journal

Petro Vietnam

Scientific African

Sedimentary Geology and Tethyan Geology

Verhandlungen des Naturhistorisch-medizinischen Vereins zu Heidelberg (1912-1956)

Dissertations by University of Szeged

New Jurassic publications are added (partially provided by L. Bulot, A. Kuzmin, H. Parent, J. Pignatti, O. Urman, V. Vishnevskaya)

11th International Symposium on Cephalopods Present and Past, Abstracts.  47 pp. pdf

Amon E.O., Vishnevskaya V.S., Gatovsky Yu.A. (2022) Morphotypes of radiolarians and some features of paleogeography of Arctic periphery of Western Siberia (Yamal Peninsula) during Late Jurassic // Bull. Soc. Natur. Moscow. Sect.geol. Vol. 97. no.1. P.15-45. [in Russian] pdf

Arkadiev V.V. (2022) Catalogue of the collection to the E. I. Eichwalds monograph by "Lethaea Rossica ou Paléontologie de la Russie", 18651868 (Mesozoic arthropods, fish, reptiles and lants). Saint-Petersburg, LEMA Publishing House. 134 p. [n Russian] pdf

Atlas of fauna and flora of Paleozoic-Mesozoic of Transbaikalia. Novosibirsk: Nauka, 2002. 714 p. [in Russian] pdf

Batyaeva S. K. (1974) New Ctenis from the Middle Jurassic deposits of the Kuznetsk basin // Tansactions of SNIIGGiMS. Issue 173. P. 114-117. [in Russian] pdf

Batyaeva S. K. (1974) New plant species from Jurassic deposits of the Kuznetsk basin // New data on geology and mineral resources of Western Siberia. Issue 9. Tomsk: Tomsk. Univ., P. 62-64. [in Russian] pdf

Batyaeva S. K. (1974) New Jurassic plants of the Kuznetsk basin // Tansactions of SNIIGGiMS. Issue 192. P.96-98. [in Russian] pdf

Bettoni A. (1900) Fossili domeriani della provincia di Brescia // Mémoires de la Société Paléontologique Suisse. Vol. XXVII. P.1-88. pdf

Bonnot A. (1995) Les Aspidoceratidae (Ammonitina) en Europe Occidentale au Callovien supérieur et à l'Oxfordien inférieur (Doctoral dissertation, Dijon). 509 p. pdf


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