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Here you will find hyperlinks to web-pages of Jurassic researchers around the world


This icon means that person has web-page in Russian only


*personal pages located at Jurassic.ru marked with dark blue color

Alkaya Hayriye Füsun: ammonite researcher (Turkey)

Arp Gernot: Ammonites of Jurassic specialist

Aubrecht Roman: Jurassic researcher from Slovakia

Bandel Klaus, mollusks evolution, and gastropods

Baraboshkin Evgenij: Cretaceous ammonites, integrate stratigraphy, sedimentology, paleogeography; member of the Jurassic.ru team

Bashkuev Aleksei: systematics and phylogenetic relationships of fossil mecopteroid insects; entomofaunas in the Permian and Triassic

Bennett Christopher specialist in pterosaurs

Benton Michael: fossil reptiles, especially Triassic; origin of dinosaurs; mass extinctions; cladistics; fossil record quality

Bersac Stéphane specialist in Cretaceous ammonites

Bert Didier specialist in Upper Jurassic and Cretaceous ammonites

Blau Joachim Ammonites, Foraminifers, Crustacean Coprolites, Calpionellids etc

Bralower Timothy J., scientific interests - past warm climate intervals, origin of Cretaceous black shales, PETM event, evolutionary dynamics of nannoplankton, etc

Brigaud Benjamin, specialist in carbonate sedimentology & Jurassic paleoclimate reconstructions

Bucher Hugo - Early Triassic biotic recovery, Cenomanian-Turonian biotic crisis, and Morphogenesis of the Molluscan Shell

Cecca Fabrizio: Jurassic and Cretaceous ammonites

Chattopadhyay Devapriya, Specialist in molluscan paleoecology

Channell James: paleomagnetism, geomagnetism and environmental magnetism

Crasquin Sylvie, specialis in Ostracods

De Wever Patrick - specialist in radiolarians

Delanoy Gérard specialist in Cretaceous ammonites

Deli Arif - Carbonate sedimentology,  Basin analysis, Microfacies analysis of carbonate rocks, microbialites, neptunian dykes and sinsedimentary structures in Jurassic rocks

Dera Guillaume Jurassic palaeoclimate and geochemistry; Early Jurassic cephalopoids; Jurassic extinction events and triggers

Dzik Jerzy: a well-known paleobiologist from Poland

Ebel Klaus, molluscan paleobiology

Eldredge Niles, evolutionist

Foote Michael (scientific interests - rates of evolution and major features of the diversification of life)

Fuchs Dirk, specialist in fossil coleoids

Galacz Andras: Middle Jurassic researcher from Hungary

Gallois Ramues (Gallois Geological Consultancy) specialist in engineering geology and stratigraphical interpretation of Mesozoic, Tertiary and Quaternary successions in eastern and southern England

Gavrilov Yuri O.: lithology and geochemistry (mostly of Jurassic deposits)

Gould Stephen (1941-2002) unofficial site

Grossman Ethan L., specialist in stable isotopes

Gulyaev Denis B., Jurassic ammonites

Guzhov Alexandr V.: Mesozoic gastropod researcher, and active participant of Jurassic.ru team (filling online libraries)  

Haas János specialist in tectonics

Harris Jerry D. - specialist in dinosaurs

Hautmann Michael, specialist in Triassic bivalves

Hesselbo Stephen geochemistry, sedimentology, etc

Hinnov Linda cyclostratigraphy, astrochronology, palaeoclimates

Hoffman René, Jurassic-Cretaceous ammonites (mainly Lytoceratids)

Hornung Thomas: Triassic of the Tethyan Realm, Triassic and Jurassic of Southern Germany

Iba Yasuhiro, specialist in Cretaceous biogeography

Ippolitov Alexei P.: researcher on Mesozoic serpulids and coleoids. Active member of Jurassic.ru team (page editing, English translations, filling online libraries)  

Jacobs David interaction between and geology during the evolution of animal life

Jain Sreepat: Jurassic researcher from India

Joly Bernard: phylloceratid paleontologist from France

Kaim Andrzej: Early ontogeny and phylogeny of Mesozoic gastropods, paleoecology of Mesozoic fossil assemblages, trends in body-size evolution, stratigraphy and paleontology of the Triassic

Kasumzadeh Azer Alia O. : Bivalves and stratigraphy of Azerbaijan researcher

Kiessling Wolfgang: phanerozoic reef patterns

Kiselev Dmitry N.: ammonite and biostratigraphy of Middle Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous researcher from Yaroslavl. One of members of Jurassic.ru team

Kriwet Jürgen, specialist in fossil Mesozoic and Cenozoic fishes, especially selachians

Kuharenko Alexandr paleontology amateur. At his site numerous photo of Jurassic ammonites can be found

Lukeneder Alexander: Mesozoic and especially Lower Cretaceous ammonites

Makhnach Vladimir V. specialist in Jurassic stratigraphy of Belorussia

Marynowski Leszek sedimentology, geochemistry

Mateus Octávio, specialist in paleontology of dinosaurs

McArthur John M., specialist in stable isotope analysis

McRoberts Christopher, Secretary of the Subcommission on Triassic Stratigraphy, specialist in bivalves

Nakrem Hans Arne Paleozoin and Jurassic of Spitsbergen

Neige Pascal: Jurassic ammonite and recent sepiid researcher, a well-known specialist in geometrical morphometry

Nützel Alex: Mesozoic gastropod researcher

Ogg James: Paleomagnetics, Sedimentology, Marine Geology

Olsen Paul, paleontology, stratigraphy, Evolution of continental ecosystems (mainly Triassic-Jurassic transition)

Ortega Francisco  - Jurassic Cretaceous Chelonia, Crocodylomorpha, Dinosauria

Palfy Jozsef : Homepage of Jurassic researcher from Hungary 

Parent Horacio:  ammonite paleobiology and Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous stratigraphy

Parsons Colin F - The Middle Jurassic Stratigraphy & Palaeontology

Pisera Andrzej: Fossils and Recent siliceous sponges, Mesozoic crinoids, lower Paleozoic echinoderms (loose elements), reefs, rodoliths and coralline algae (paleoecology and taxonomy)

Poulsen Niels: Jurassic dinoflagellate cysts

Pross Jörg palynology, marine/non-marine correlation etc

Pucéat Emmanuelle, specialist in Jurassic & Cretaceous climates

Reyment Richard, ammonoid paleobiology, paleobiogeography etc


Riding Robert, specialist in palynology

Rogov Mikhail A.: Project leader of Jurassic.ru team and the webmaster of JURASSIC.RU. Scientific interests connected mostly with ammonites, biostratigraphy and paleobiogeography of Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous. 

Schulbert Christian: Lower Jurassic ammonite researcher

Smith Adam, specialist in Mesozoic marine reptiles

Smith Paul: Jurassic ammonites

Stolarski Jaroslaw, specialist in fossil corals and biomineralization

Tesakova Ekaterina: Mesozoic and Cenozoic ostracods specialist

Tomašových Adam - specialist in evolutionary ecology of brachiopods and Triassic/Jurassic boundary mass extinction

Vajda Vivi, specialist in Mesozoic to Cenozoic palynology

Vasicek Zdenek: a well-known researcher of Lower Cretaceous ammonites and aptychi

Veiga Gonzalo Mesozoic sedimentology

West Ian, and Geology of the Wessex Coast

Wierzbowski Hubert: stable isotope geochemistry, sedimentology

Yanin Boris T.: Jurassic and Cretaceous bivalve researcher (Tethyan mostly)

Young Mark, specialist in Metriorhynchid Crocodylians

Zakharov Viktor A.: Bivalves, Mesozoic stratigraphy and Biogeography, one of the inspirers of the Jurassic.ru project

Zatoń Michał Jurassic ammonites, taphonomy, palaeoecology, and sedimentology

If youre a Jurassic researcher, have a personal page in the Internet but could not find yourself in the list above, please contact us (ippolitov.ap@gmail.com or russianjurassic@gmail.com) and give the link to your page for including it to the list.

And if you study the Jurassic geology and still do not have personal webpage you can create it here, at JURASSIC.RU! For this purpose: 1) please upload the form and manual using the links below; 2) read them carefully and fill the form; 3) send us the filled form by e-mail, and your personal page will appear with the next renovation of the site (approx. once for 2-3 weeks).

Download the form for personal webpage construction (.doc format)

Download the manual for filling the form (.doc format)

Please send the filled forms to either ippolitov.ap@gmail.com or russianjurassic@gmail.com

What is it for? Everybody has a unique ability to place information on himself in the Internet, and it will be achievable to colleagues and anybody in the farest corner of the world. Your contact data, published papers will be open to everybody, consequently, it would be simpler to find colleagues and link-minded persons. Moreover, possibility of placing electronic articles at the personal webpage will save you from necessity of making numerous xerocopies each time somebody asked you for!



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